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Hector's fragrances

Hector's; the magnetic pulse racing signature fragrances from Hector Obeng for him and her, have been released. Available to buy from Hector's Global Hair with zeal. Or via our e-commerce page online.

Packaged in an stunning 50ml cubic glass bottle or breast pocket, rectangular glass bottle. Retailing @£20.00. .
 Hector Obeng says; "Hector's fragrances are Eau de toiletts for both the body and hair. "Love and hope were the ethos, names and drive behind the  sensual, fruity, fresh, spicy, marine, woody, earthy scents".

Hector's fragrances have a body staying scent of 5hrs and longer on ones hair. There are 12 different fragrances to choose from. If Tom Ford, Paco Rabanne, Edcada, Jean Paul  Gautier, Gucci, Thierry Mugler and Armani are desirable scents for you. Then Hector's Seduction, La femme, Nostalgic, Vision, calm water, Still water, Hero, The One, Princess, Champion, Go Global or Champion  fragrances will fast become your new sought after scents.

Hector Obeng; the director of Multi Hair award winning salon, Hector Global Hair with zeal. Established in 2003, is proud that  Hector's, the Conditioning hair products range are already making waves amongst those that have tried them. And now very proud of their latest products.  Hector's, the fragrances finally becoming fructive .


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