About Hector Obeng

Hairdressing was something that started off as a hobby for Hector Obeng while doing his A levels. Today the multi award winning stylist is still going strong in his own shop in Richmond. "After University, hairdressing became my life. I worked at Millers in east Sheen for 12 years". Opened Hectors global hair with Zeal in February 2003.

The salon was a going concern when Hector took it over. However trade was nil and it looked like an 80's – Persian Style Salon ! it had a cold uninviting vibe before and needed some va-va-voom,'says Hector. Thank God no planning permission was necessary as no major reworking had to be done.

The refurbishment was ,funded by Hector and Philomena, his wife. Took an astonishingly quick 10 days, with the help of workmen and family. Major work including pulling down the low ceiling to reveal a higher ,original one ,thus creating the impression of more space, plus pressuring the basins, rewiring the entire shop and improving the lighting.

The design for the salon came from Hector who cites his influences as Gaudi, Ghana and interiors seen in Hairdresser's journal. The décor is cream stones and browns and the result is modern, fresh and hip with an Africa-meets- Europe vibe.

Mirrors are stone like in effect .Cream stone tiles cover the floor. The painted walls are cleaner to the eye and suit the natural light that floods in from the garden,' says Hector. The theme represents the vast multi racial clientele of the salon.

The Gye Nyame centre-piece in the ceiling is the salon's main feature as is Ashanti for No other spiritual force is greater than God.

The salon is Awash in soft light that illuminates each workstation. Hector says 'throughout the years as a stylist. Clients have always complained about harsh lighting .The Gye Nyame center-piece gives out a brighter light, which is directed at the ceiling ,and looks spectacular on its own at night time.

The most expensive part of the refit were the mirrors and the organic footrests from Italy. The reception area, which is in the left corner of the shop, is in tune with the rest of the salon's theme. The curved edges represent all hair types. Clients find it calming. ' Clients point something out every day. Kids just love the 'muddy boots' that the sofa sits on,' chuckles Hector.

There are a further 2 rooms that form the Feel good studio (beauty and grooming). I wanted a salon with a difference. "I didn't want it looking traditional" .I wanted an element of fun, with class being the key word'. A salon that embraces all races and specialties in all aspects of hair, grooming and beauty. The salon is still a Child but growing fast."I wake up each morning full of zeal for my craft and cant wait to get to work to see what's in store for me".


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