Pride magazine December

THE SECRET IS OUT! H-ELITE HAIR from Hector's Global Hair with Zeal.

Have you ever wanted to know the secret behind your favourite celebrities’ beautiful and lustrous hair? Wonder no more! H-Elite’s gorgeous cuticle virgin weft hair. 

H-Elite hair feels silky soft, natural looking,  healthy and gives you that glamourous frizz free  celebrity volume .You have always wanted.  H-Elite hair is produced using hand tied micro thin undetectable weft . As light as a feather and will not create hair tension . Your H-Elite hair will move, bounce and swish with the such lively energy. Style and play with it just like you would with your own hair. 

H-Elite hair is perfectly reusable, tangle free, can last you from a minimum of 20 months  to beyond . We are able to provide you with the highest level of superb quality because our hair is not  only individually hand picked cuticle  aligned virgin hair. But extra fortified.  In fact, H-Elite cuticle hair blends in so well . That even the experts will find it difficult to tell where your own hair ends and where H-Elite hair begins. The new era of perfect blend weaves/extensions is now here and Hector's Global Hair with Zeal are proud to be the pioneers! 


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