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Claim all your benefits

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Claim all your Benefits
Taken Psalms 103
Don't hold back. Let everything within us give thanks and gratitude. Go for your benefits.For the sky isn't your our limit. Be assured that it is not by sight but by faith that the greatest things are got. For the greatest love is our guide, shield and strength.Printed on canvas 20x30inchs. Hi quality canvas prints .*8-colour pigment ink systems,fade free,archival quality, Colour vividness for up to 85yrs.protective matte coating spray( splash proof and easy wipe clean with damp cloth if necessary. Prices based uk purchasers.
- Akosua Yame
Posted on- 2017-08-10
  Had The 'claim all your benefit' canvas print custom blown up . For one of my walls at home . Always a great point of conversation with guests . I wish I could afford more of the collection. Saving hard.  
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