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Liquid Gold Hand wash

Code: #Goldwash1
Price: £14.00
(Postage & packing charge of £6.00.)
Decadent indulging hand care. Opulent shear luxury for those hands. Leaves your hand feeling glistening soft like royalty. My most sought after Hector's products.
*Contains real gold dust
*Argan oil
*300ml a bottle
- sineadhunter
Posted on- 2020-08-20
  Speaking of supporting black business. My luxury gold hand wash by @hectorobeng arrived not so long ago, and it’s absolutely devine. Service was fast and professional. If I had to describe the scent I’d say expensive champagne and chocolates #supportblackbusiness #blm #staysafe #washyourhands • • 
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- Ola_yimika
Posted on- 2020-08-20
  I purchased liquid gold hand wash and hand lotion a while back and i had a rule that NO ONE is allowed to use them but the Queen and Denzel Washington! They truly are gold & don't really want to share but o fcourse that rule did not last long. Love them!  
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