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Hair Food

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*Hector's Hair food
An all in one 250g hair treatment product. Stimulates hair growth, enables a healthy scalp' moisturizes the hair, leave hair soft, easy to comb with a healthy sheen.
Consists of Jojaba oil, Shea butter, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Aloe Vera, Bees wax, Vitamin E.

*Rub a small amount of Hair food to your hair and scalp and style as desired.( blow-dry, braid or weave)

Hair food can also be added to ones hair after shampooing . Then left on for 10-15mins with a cap under heat. Then rinsed off .

Hair food can also be used as a pre shampoo product. used as a conditioner . Left in for 5 mins, rinsed then proceed to shampoo.

**We also sell Hector's Argan oil treatment and Hair conditioning Hair grow on our e-commerce page.

For extra heat protection. Use Hector's *Shake and Protect.
- Liz Swain
Posted on- 2020-06-10
  Absolutely LOVE this product. Leaves my hair soft and smooth and lasts forever.  
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- Abenna Anncou
Posted on- 2017-10-23
  My hair is natural and very dry due to medications I'm on. The hair food made a lot of difference to the texture, sheen and overall quality of my hair. Love ❤️ this product. Use with the argon oil shampoo and Argan infused leave in spray conditioner  
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- Akosua Yame
Posted on- 2017-08-10
  I love this product too. I've been looking for a good hair product for my natural hair. This product a miracle cream . As a pre wash or treatment or hairdress. Because of the numerous rich oils. I don't need that much . When used as a hairdress with heat. The shine is immense . The beeswax gives a nice hold too. The sheabuter and jojoba makes my hair so soft. Highly recommend for Afro hair types or as a pre was for think curly hair types .  
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