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Sexy Black andAqua Green snug fit boxers

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Price: £30.00 £25.00
(Postage & packing charge of £5.00.)
2 Pairs of Snug fit boxers
* Aqua Green underwear with an encrusted silver logo waist band . * On the front and back
* Sexy Black underwear with an encrusted gold stitched front logo waist band . Embedded in a stitched encrusted chain and Gye Nyame symbols
* Breathable cotton and elastin
*Snug fit
*3d Thrusting pouch

*size xsmall 28-30inches
*Size small 30-32inches
*size Medium 32-34inches
*Size Large 34-36inches
** Please state what size you prefer when ordering.
- Robert Huton-Wood
Posted on- 2022-01-29
  Such a fantastic product. I just love the texture of the fabric and how it feels on the body. Great value for money! 
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