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New Limited Edition Suave

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New Limited Edition

'Suave' NEW Super Sexy midnight blue glass bottle, with a 3D Hector’s golden logo !!!!A very sophisticated Hector's fragrance for him. Sun drenched citrus cocktail of lemon, lime and oranges, with prized woods and rich spice. * Fans of Tom ford Vetiver and all thing , citrus fresh will love this fragrance.

A fragrance so fresh for him or her

Sold in a 50ml midnight blue glass bottle with a golden/ silver 3d log label

* New Black aethetic embossed rectangular bottle
* In black gift Hector's box

- Philip Osei
Posted on- 2022-02-06
  Since I discovered Suave from Hectors a year ago, it has become my favourite perfume collection. It has a sweet smell that keeps me fresh all day. I love the packaging. Great price, an excellent fragrance for him and her.  
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