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H-Elite Virgin cuticle straight soft yaki

Code: #HE1
Price: £133.00
(Postage & packing charge of £12.00.)
14inchs in colours 1b or 2 or 3 or 4 are £133 per box (ie 4 micro thin weft pieces ). H-Elite virgin cuticle hair is reusable ,can last a minimum of 20 months , tangle free and does not shed.It is also exclusive to Hectors global hair with zeal. Even the expert will find it hard to tell where your hair starts and H-Elite ends :) We can see to your preferred choice of colour through an email . prices are based on the uk customers with a next working day dispatch.This is just an estimation based on 2 box sets. Feel free to call ,when in doubt on 02088787069 .

* Our Recommendation would be for 1 box of hair is great for a few tracks or sewn on clips.
2 boxes are for a natural looking full head weave. While 3 boxes would be for the Big statement , performing celebrity look :)

THE SECRET IS OUT! H-ELITE HAIR from Hector's Global Hair with Zeal.

Have you ever wanted to know the secret behind your favourite celebrities’ beautiful and lustrous hair? Wonder no more! H-Elite’s gorgeous cuticle virgin weft hair.
H-Elite hair feels silky soft, natural looking, healthy and gives you that glamorous frizz free celebrity volume .You have always wanted. H-Elite hair is produced using hand tied micro thin undetectable weft . As light as a feather and will not create hair tension . Your H-Elite hair will move, bounce and swish with the such lively energy. Style and play with it just like you would with your own hair.
H-Elite hair is perfectly reusable, tangle free, can last you from a minimum of 20 months to beyond . We are able to provide you with the highest level of superb quality because our hair is not only individually hand picked cuticle aligned virgin hair. But extra fortified. In fact, H-Elite cuticle hair blends in so well . That even the experts will find it difficult to tell where your own hair ends and where H-Elite hair begins. The new era of perfect blend weaves/extensions is now here and Hector's Global Hair with Zeal are proud to be the pioneers!

Care instructions
Follow these instructions to increase the life of your H-Elite hair:
• Brush out dry hair and wash loosely plaited
• Wash gently in warm water with a sulphate-free shampoo
• Protein/Moisturizing treatments are advisable on this hair from time to time.
• The natural virgin colour hair should only be coloured by a licensed professional
* Style with heat protection products . Straightners with tourmaline are suggested for longevity
• Never cut the hair weft from the top or it will unravel. H-Elite hair comes pre-divided into sections.
• Place longer hair in a loose ponytail before sleeping
• Love your hair and it will love you for ages to come!

Please note that because we only use 100% virgin cuticle hair. Our hair could slightly differ from each batch in the same way as real hair differs from one head to another. But we guarantee the elite 100% fabulous quality for all our hair.
You've tried the rest now own the best !!!!

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