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Nostalgic- Majestic alluring floral tropical majestic magnolia & iris, sweet pallida signature notes

50ml eau de parfum
* Patchouli

* White flower absolute
* Smells like La vie est belle ( Lancome)
* Available in a clear cubic bottle with golden print and cap.
- Zaneta
Posted on- 2020-08-20
  I recently purchased one of the Hector's fragrances for women. When I sprayed "Nostalgic" for the first time, it was a bit strong. However it slowly turned into a nice, fresh, floral and sweet scent which lingers all day. Will recommend this perfume. 
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- emma
Posted on- 2017-08-25
  this is one of my favourite fragrances 
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   Khadine  -on 2019-03-26
   - This fragrance is my absolute favourite Every time I wear it someone comments including my friends, so I've bought one for my bestie!!!! Thanks Hector x

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