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I brought the Black & Red pair of Adinkra BoxerBreifs as well as the Orange & Olive Breifs & I love the fit & comfort of them both. The color is beautiful & they make me feel sexy. Those the lucky ones who see me in these haha
Just love my Adinkras, had to get some more. Truly the most comfortable underwear on the market. Never "go out" without Adinkra.
Absolutely pleased with Adinkra underwear. They are comfy, beautifully made and fits snuggly. The colour mix is amazing. Leaves all other hi-end branded underwear in the shade. Infact leave them at home.. Adinkra all the way.
I came across Hector's Fitness Underwear late in 2021. I am so pleased. Despite not being 'fit' as such to which this brand is marketed in the main. First, the service and care of service was second to none. Hector was extremely patient as to my query re sizing as men's underwear sizing can differ so much re S.M.L. varying greatly from brand to brand. Once established we went with the briefs in size Small as I like a good fit. But if you 30 waist to 31 perhaps M would be slightly better because of the cut of briefs, obviouisly. Briefs are coming back. I love them. The comfort is great. They are cool. I also went with the boxers in Purple and Green. Wow. These were size Small and fit brilliantly. Again of good quality and standard. Whilst not a model I am an ambassador for Hector's brand in that I am very satisified with the product and experience. Customer care and service is paramount being qualified myself in this and nothing seemed too much trouble for Hector. I believe the items should be selectable in colours rather than in specific duos. Design and style. Take a look at the brand's social media, for example, Instagram. His models show the products for the guys sensually and show the quality and fit. Sexy, fun yes too. The same is done with the ladies attires he markets. His brand promoting is becoming really good and slick which must result in good sales one hopes. I believe I would make a logo just of the H to up the class slightly. But on the whole great designs and good comfortable quality by Hector. Fit for purpose. They are reasonably average priced. Longevity is awaited, but have no worries on this to date. Postage was quick once I had finally made up my mind as a difficult customer... 4 Items were in one clear bag which is ecological of course but not the best of presentation. Perhaps a ecofriendly box and a thankyou and welcome to Hector's brand slip and leaflet on all the products would be a good idea. Hector stated he would provide measurements guides to give us guys better understanding and guidance of his brand sizing in due course on his website following my suggestions and specifics on this. It may well save him time from customers like me that is for sure.... So to summarise. What are you guys waiting for. I for one am proud to wear the brand. I would loved to have tried Hector's other items including the perfumes but not in the position to spend at present. When guys ask me what underwear I am wearing. I shall be pleased to say Hector's. NICKO 'nickokduvets'
Excellent product. Top quality material with great texture and feel on the body. Never turned back or looked elsewhere since I started wearing Hector's boxers. Available in all sizes and my 11-year old son loves them as well. Great value for money, highly recommended.
The thickening cream and aragan Oil are very good and really made a difference on my hair.
My hair is naturally thin and gets very quickly oily. Using any hair products just made it worse. But the "Hector's Thickening Creme" makes a difference. It gives my hair more body and volume with non oily film. I also use the "Hector's Argain Oil Treatment." My hair looks healthier. I recommend Hector's hair products. They are of high quality and smell nice.
I purchased liquid gold hand wash and hand lotion a while back and i had a rule that NO ONE is allowed to use them but the Queen and Denzel Washington! They truly are gold & don't really want to share but ofcourse that rule did not last long. Love them!
Ola Egerton-Shyngle
I recently purchased Hector's underwear for my husband and they fit so perfectly with a beautiful design! Material is very good quality and it's obvious Hector designed these personally because they truly are lush!
Ola Egerton-Shyngle
The best after shave product I’ve ever owned!!!! HANDS DOWN!!! Pumped you up in America Mr. Obeng!!!

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